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The Future of
Wealth Management

We empower wealthy business owners to achieve their dreams, gain more free time and enjoy maximum financial freedom.

Ihr Berater Philipp Daniel Frei
About us

Professional &
no conflict of interest

Individual self-determination is our greatest asset. We work with you to develop an investment strategy that preserves what matters most: your sovereignty.

Secure Your Wealth

Secure your wealth

Generate Cashflow

Generate cashflow

Enjoy Your Freedom

Enjoy your freedom

Professional and no conflict of interest

Precision and Quality made in Switzerland

Your portfolio and your capital formation now only need the right levers for the future. A free initial consultation will show you where you stand today.

Consulting Concept

Professional Investing Strategy

The world is constantly changing and this requires a clear process and a defined strategy. Our 20 years of market experience gives you competence and knowledge. Swiss quality and precision are our seal of approval.

Mann unterzeichnet Papiere

Get an overview

You'll know exactly what comes in and what goes out. Expect a complete overview of your finances.

Schachbrett und Spiel

One step ahead

Less expenses and more income equal more freedom. You'll get a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Aktienkurven auf dem Bildschirm

Lean back

Lean back and enjoy. No need to worry. We manage your portfolio including risk management.

Impressions of our work

Our consulting and investing process is characterised by quality and precision.

Herr Philipp Daniel Frei bei der Marktanalyse
Herr Philipp Daniel Frei bei der Arbeit
Herr Philipp Daniel Frei Nahaufnahme
Aktienkurven auf dem Bildschirm

What our clients say

How others have benefited

Hello Phillip, I would like to thank you for your work. Your commitment makes me feel that I am in good hands and that I have received excellent advice. I look forward to continued good cooperation.

Manuela P.


Right from the start, Mr. Frei was concerned with comprehensive, structured and very balanced advice in which the customer is the focus, with the time horizon and costs for the respective product being a strong focus and personal wishes being reflected in the best possible way. I got to know Mr. Frei as a competent, reliable and very pleasant advisor and person, who sets high standards for himself and acts accordingly for me as a customer. I can recommend Mr. Frei with a clear conscience.

Thomas F.


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Our Process for the best Results

Money has to start working for you. But it can only do that if it is tailored to you as a customer.

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Step 1 :
Schedule a meeting

The first step to your financial success. Building your wealth is one of the most important decisions in your life.

First meeting

Step 2:  
First Meeting

We take a close look at your wishes and goals and how we can help you to achieve them.

Individual Analysis

Step 3:
Individual Analysis

Everything is based on what you want. We take a very close look at your current state and how your money will work for you in the future.

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Our Publications

The world of finance is constantly changing and new products are constantly coming onto the market. But the core message is always the same. What can the investment really achieve? We are constantly examining the market and presenting our analyzes and assessments to you in our blog posts.